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Mold Design

RCTENN uses the latest technology available for the manufacture of plastic molds.

Mold Flow uses 3-D part geometry to analyze the part design to determine gate size and placement, the design of the runner, and to predict the location of knit lines for proper venting.

The Mold Flow data, along with RCTENN mold design criteria, is then incorporated into the mold design to produce a cost effective, high quality mold.

The RCTENN project engineering team, working with the mold builder, tracks the progress of the mold and makes scheduled visits at key milestones during the build. In the event a design change is required, the RCTENN engineer, working with the customer and the mold builder, implements the change in a timely and cost effective manner.

Upon completion of the mold, the engineering team prepares the mold for tryout and works with the quality team to insure part dimension validation and visual acceptance.

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Mold Design