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Mold Design and Manufacture
For the past 20 years, we have partnered with several mold shops in China to make some of the finest tooling available at very reasonable costs. With an average of 4 trips to China per year, we are able to effortlessly manage a tooling project from start to finish. Our mold shops have FEA, Mold Flow, Auto-Cad and Solid Works capability and we can save our customers significant money up-front on the tooling cost as well as on-going money on the molding process by correctly designing the tooling from the beginning. On significant tooling projects, our process technicians will be in China for the mold design phase and mold tryouts to ensure that the tooling conforms to the run times and quality requirements detailed in the mold specifications.

International Sourcing
We currently source over $5MM in components from China, Israel and Europe. This international expertise allows us great flexibility in finding the lowest cost components for your products. Our frequent trips to these overseas locations allow us to locate and source product with quality vendors and not have to rely on trading companies where a customer runs the risk of quality being sacrificed for cost or proprietary information getting into a competitor's hands. Our bank of suppliers is loyal to us since they know we continue to provide them additional opportunities and we have  over a decade worth of track record with these firms.

Customer Support
To support our Customer Service Representatives, RCTENN has many systems to support our customers including EDI, Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Kanban programs and returnable containers to help in customer's Green initiatives. We provide order acknowledgements, Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN) and other documentation as requested by the customer. In addition, we have Value Engineering initiatives with several of our top customers where we provide on-going cost savings proposals to our customers so that they can continue to be cost competitive in the marketplace.

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